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How PEOs Simplify Hiring Canadian Employees

Jul 20, 2022 | Business, Remote Work

In the war for talent, your company has become acutely aware that there are great professionals in Canada that could be your Canadian employees – if you had the infrastructure to hire across the border. International hiring requires a great deal of paperwork, preparation, and some amount of legal expansion on the part of your company. Unless, of course, you partner with a Canadian PEO.

A PEO is a Professional Employer Organization. In other words, they employ for other companies professionally. They hire, fire, provide payroll, and manage local benefits, but convey your direction so that employees’ daily tasks are as workers in your business. In an era of remote work where distance means nothing, hiring Canadian professionals should be easy. With a PEO, it can be.

How does a PEO simplify hiring Canadian employees? Let’s dive into the details.

Safely Hire Across the Border

Having international staff on your payroll can be complicated and legally tricky, but a PEO simplifies this. A PEO is a local company that hires and manages employees on your behalf. This means that, technically, your Canadian staff is hired and working for a Canadian employer while effectively working as members of your team.

This means safe hiring across the border, as both companies (you and your PEO partner) are only hiring within your native nations.

Canadian Payroll is Handled in Canada

Hiring and handling payroll in Canada simplifies the complexities of paying across the border. You pay your PEO partner for the staffing service, and your PEO handles fully compliant Canadian payroll on your behalf. the Canadian professionals that you hire receive their pay without the risk of international paycheck delays and you can hire Canadians without expanding your finance and legal department to handle the transition.

Providing Canadian Benefits to Canadian Staff

What about benefits? The benefits packages available to your national employees will likely not transfer smoothly to your Canadian hires. They will have different health insurance systems, provider networks, and local services from which to draw benefits. Your PEO partner will have prepared Canadian benefits packages available and can help you mirror your packages with those offered to national employees using Canadian resources and providers.

Staying Compliant in Canada Without a Legal Expansion

Employment compliance is another tricky issue. Employing in every state is a serious enough challenge, considering the patchwork of differing labor laws and regulations in each state. Canada adds a new layer of complexity, but one you don’t have to tackle. As a responsible Canadian employer, your PEO will handle all compliance matters in terms of hiring and maintaining Canadian employees.

A Guide and Partner in Canadian Employment

Lastly, your PEO partner will be able to provide you with all the advice, documents, and expert guidance you need to successfully hire Canadian talent. They will ensure that your translated business policies, compensation, benefits, and management policies are all compliant with Canadian law and provide tips for how to reach or maintain that compliance. Your PEO can also help you market jobs in Canada to reach the best talent for each role, as they understand the Canadian job market more closely and are experienced in the staffing business.

How can a PEO simplify hiring Canadian employees? By handling the international transition for you. By choosing a PEO partner, you enable your brand to work with Canadian talent and provide them with complication-free local payroll and benefits. Save yourself the hassle and cost of preparing for international payroll by working with a Canadian PEO instead. Talented professionals in Canada are waiting to join your team.

To find out more about easy Canadian hiring with a PEO, contact us today.

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