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Empower Your Hiring Strategy for International Talent

Jul 27, 2022 | Business, Remote Work

Every country has a unique job market and workforce. Cultures and regions each produce a different balance of professions. Some regions create more medical professionals, some countries are known for their engineers. National demand often reflects this abundance, which is why global talent often seek international opportunities in international job markets. With remote work as the new normal, international hiring is easier than ever. Professionals don’t have to leave their home countries to work with brands around the world. Talent is now limited only by our networks and ability to reach out to international professionals in every industry.

You can empower your team and your hiring strategy with international recruiting. International talent can join hybrid and remote teams, providing an easy solution for company skill gaps in the labor shortage.

Why Hire International Talent

1. Remote Work Makes International Hiring Easier Than Ever

Remote work has turned out to be the single greatest impact on the workforce from the pandemic. Companies that developed rapidly to reach isolated team members

Remote work developed rapidly in the last few years. It’s not just “here to stay”, over half the workforce is working remotely or would work remotely if given the chance. Employers who had to quickly expand into remote work now have both the infrastructure and the flexibility brought by that transformation. It has opened the workforce to stay-at-home moms, medically homebound professionals, pulled back the curtain on location-based employment entirely.

Not only can employees work from home, but they can work for companies located anywhere. If you were headquartered on the moon, you could now hire from Australia, Moldova, or Arkansas with the same technology and infrastructure. Hiring internationally has never been easier because relocation and co-location are no longer an issue.

2. The Best Person for the Job, Unlimited By Location

Remote work has also empowered the best talent-to-role matches with the limitation of location removed. When you need an incredible database programmer to handle your company’s complex data solutions, you can reach out to the best database programmers in the world, both passive and actively seeking new roles. No matter what the job, remote global hiring allows you to seek the best without consideration for where they currently live. Ten miles or ten thousand, it won’t matter on the cloud.

The same is also true for job-seeking talent. Professionals are becoming more bold in applying to their dream jobs, no matter the location. Being prepared to onboard international talent leaves you able to welcome these ideal applicants.

3. Uncover a Vast Talent Pool

Remote hiring opened up talent pools of people who must stay home and who cannot travel. International remote hiring has made it possible  to access these vast job pools around the world. Employees who live far away, who work at home, and even those who are always on the road can become part of your new pool of talent. Why limit yourself to the crowded local job boards when you can access the job boards, graduates, and at-home professionals from every continent.

4. Resolving Skill Shortages in the Market

Every country has a unique landscape of available jobs and available talent. Where we have shortages, other countries have overages. Some countries have more engineers than they have engineering jobs. Some produce an abundance of admins, sales professionals, or finance experts. What are your skill gaps? Find the perfect professional with the skills you need, even if they don’t live in your country.

5. Build a Global Brand

Lastly, you have an opportunity to build your brand beyond your borders. International hiring is the first step to global recognition. Your company could be building your international reputation as a good employer, priming the market should you ever choose to expand your business to international customers as well.

Make Your Global Hiring Strategy Stand Out in the Crowd

Optimize Candidate Experience

Professionals are aware that international hiring can be tough. The best way to make your business attractive to international talent is to make the international hiring process easy. Optimize the candidate experience with localized versions of your career portals, available cloud resources ready for international team use, and your legal and financial ducks in a row before you interview your first international candidate.

Sprinkle International Perks and Benefits

International hires will need new benefits that will provide them services and perks where they live. This is a great opportunity to build a truly tempting benefits package for your international hires. Keep in mind what will make great perks for remote workers in each country where you may be hiring. An international benefits partner can help you build comparable, rewarding, and international benefits options for your international talent.

Ask Your International Partners

Not sure what to offer your overseas hires to sweeten the pot? Ask your international partners what is competitive in their local hiring markets and what perks are most valuable to professionals in each country where you hire.

If you are ready to expand your international hiring to include Canada and Canadian talent, contact us today. As your PEO, we can empower your hiring strategy through, convenience, and expediency so you can focus on finding the best people for every role in your company – no matter where they call home.

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