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The Benefits of a US Company Hiring Employees in Canada

Sep 27, 2022 | Business, Remote Work

Did you know that approximately five million Canadians work from home? That’s a whopping twenty percent of the Canadian workforce, up from four percent in 2016.

Some of these Canadian employees work remotely for a company in another country. This is useful and helps with business expansion, among other things.

If you’re a US company hiring employees in Canada, you may be wondering what you stand to gain from it. Read on as we tell you exactly how hiring remote employees benefits you.


A US Company Hiring Employees in Canada Has Its Benefits

Adding remote employees to your staff is the perfect way to boost your workplace culture, and it has plenty of other benefits to boot.

One of the best benefits is that it’s an easy way to expand your business. By hiring remote employees, you are effortlessly introducing your business to a new country. This makes it easier for you to gain a footing there.

Another benefit of hiring Canadian employees is that it boosts productivity. Global talent improves efficiency and performance of your company. This allows you to gain more clients as well as maintain creativity and flexibility.

Lastly, you are dipping into the global talent pool when you hire remote employees. The skills that Canadian employees have may be different from your American employees. They may be able to offer advice you never would have thought of.

This allows you to come up with more solutions and services for clients. In addition, it will give everyone in your company a new way of thinking.


Recruiting Tips

The most important thing to know when hiring remote employees is to be familiar with Canadian laws. Nothing will kill your attempt at business expansion sooner than violating your Canadian employees’ rights.

The best way to go about hiring remote employees is to hire them through a company based in Canada, referred to as a Professional Employer Organization. This means they become the employer and lease the employee to you as a foreign client. It helps to make sure that all laws are being complied with.

This option is far better than the other main option, which is to hire remote employees as individual contractors. With a professional employer organization, you’ll be able to comply with tax laws and employment laws.

You’ll also be able to rest assured in the knowledge that you have gained a professional relationship that will benefit you in the long run.


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Now that you know about some of the parts of being a US company hiring employees in Canada, are you ready to learn more about how it works? If so, it’s time for you to reach out to us.

We work with companies to make sure they understand the complexities of hiring someone in another country. We can help you navigate otherwise tricky situations you could struggle with.

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