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The Best Time to Deploy Expatriate Employees

Mar 10, 2021 | Business

What is the best time of the year to expatriate employees to another country? At the end of the year or the beginning? Expatriating employees is a task that requires a lot of planning. Sometimes this can take months or even years. It is often a confusing process that requires sober minds to avoid mistakes that can damage your reputation.  

To help answer this question, we have compiled a list of the top things you need to plan for when sending employees to another country.

Employees Availability

Toward the end of the year, most employees tend to focus on the festive season and may have submitted their annual leave requests. Some of them could be those working in the HR department. Bothering them with transfer requests may not be a good idea as they may not fully focus on what needs to be prioritized. You don’t want to deal with errors you could have avoided by expatriating at the right time.

Most employees resume work at the beginning of the year rejuvenated and ready to outperform themselves. Planning to expatriate your employee at this time is therefore wise because everyone involved will be up to the task.

Shutdown and Opening When Time to Expatriate Employees

It is common for businesses (both private and government) to shut down toward the end of the year. You will need to liaise with different offices to ensure your employees arrive at their destination safe and sound. While some things can be done earlier, if you decide to expatriate at the end of the year and the unexpected happens, there may be no one or few people to talk to.

Once businesses open after the festive season is over, you can access any form of help you need to move your employees without much hassle.

Your Culture

It is the norm for most businesses to close the year by celebrating their achievements. This includes throwing parties, paying trips to a movie, sporting events, hotels, etc. If you usually end your year with special events for your employees, it would be unwise to expatriate a fraction at this time. Allow them to celebrate, then move them at the start of the year when you got enough time. Imagine been asked to travel to a new country while the rest of your team is celebrating. How would you feel?

Offers and Deals

Hot deals and offers are common toward the end of the year. If you are looking to save or on a tight budget, this could be the best time to move your workers. Just research cheap flights in your country and pick one with the best deal.

Deals and offers also extend to the following year but are usually few. So, the best time to grab them is when you got more options to consider (at the end of the year).

Your Employee’s Preference

As an employer, you always want to accomplish that which will boost the performance of your employees. The best way to know what your employees love and what they don’t is by involving them in what you are doing. There are various ways to get employees involved in decision-making.

That said, once you have picked the team to expatriate, consider asking them when they feel okay to travel to another country. They will feel valued and, importantly, help you reach a decision. Avoid scenarios where you make decisions without involving your employees. It is not healthy for your business.


The decision to expatriate employees at the end of the year or the beginning of the year should not be based on a single factor. There are many factors to consider, and it is essential to weigh all of them. The above five are some we feel you need to consider before reaching a decision.

Learn More About When to Expatriate Employees

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