Remote Work in Canada

Hiring in Canada

  • You found someone that you want to hire. How do you employ someone to work remotely, when your company does not have any branch offices found in Canada?

What Options are Available?

  • Independent Contractor
  • Canadian Offices
  • BrightR Solution

Independent Contractor

As a corporation, with no presence in Canada, the simple answer may be to hire your new worker as a contractor and set up a business to business relationship with them.  Your new worker may not find becoming a contractor as simple experience.

Setting up and managing a business arrangement has the potential to create a long term tax burden for your new Canadian contractor, if they are unfamiliar with the correct business reporting processes with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Canadian Office

If your company registers a Canadian company or branch, with the Canada Revenue Agency, you can start running the business in Canada and legally hire the worker and fulfill all the requirements of an employer.
Having a Canadian branch requires usual government reporting and filing requirements. Your new Canadian branch will be responsible have to file the same reports as any other corporation in Canada.

Some of the requirements include:
  • annual corporate tax returns
  • employer payroll remittances
  • collecting employee deductions including: Canadian pension plan, employment insurance, income taxes
  • administrating provincial workers’ compensation plans
  • setting up local banking services
  • dealing with group benefit plan coverage
  • following local labor laws

There are services available through employment agencies, accounting firms, law firms and bookkeepers across Canada that can aid in the registration, filing corporate tax returns, and administer the payroll on behalf of your company.

BrightR Solutions

Your company enters into an agreement to contract our services.  We will hire your remote worker, in Canada, as our own BrightR employee.

Now you will receive the services, provided by a BrightR employee, who is the same person you always wanted to hire, without opening a Canadian office and without the Canadian worker having to deal with the complexities of becoming a contractor.

Our BrightR employee will work exclusively for your company.  Your company now pays a fee for service, has a BrightR employee providing the service you need, and we now deal with all the provincial employment laws, human resource and payroll administration responsibilities.

Our BrightR employee can expect to receive all the benefits of any other Canadian employee including regularly scheduled pay days, be paid in Canadian dollars, directly deposited pay into their bank account, and an emailed pay slip sent every pay day.  We make it easy to offer your BrightR employee a healthcare plan, with our Canadian based insurance carrier

You can expect intellectual property protection, confidential data protection, Canadian tax compliance, and labor law compliance without having to deal with any of the administration.

What is the Best Option for Your Company?

The best employment solution for you depends on what your circumstances:

  • Is this a permanent job opportunity or a fixed term contract?
  • Does the worker need to work in the United States?
  • How often does the worker need to travel to the United States for business?
  • Do your company need to protect intellectual property?
  • How many Canadian workers will your company have?
  • Is your company capable of following Canadian and Provincial employment laws?
  • Does your company currently sell products or services in Canada?
  • Do you want to offer your Canadian worker benefits like health insurance plans or pension benefits?