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8 Possible Recruitment Flaws in International Hiring

Jan 27, 2021 | Business

Did your newest hire not work out? If not, you may be thinking in a limited way when it comes to recruitment. At BrightR, we are here to provide Employer services for your Canadian workforce. Improving your recruitment strategy can help find the right people who work well as a team and produce outstanding results. Here are 8 possible flaws in your recruitment strategy for international hires.

1. Relying Too Much on the Interview

Interviews are essential to landing a job, but not everything. The person you are interviewing could be having an off day or feeling anxious. Many people will say anything just to land the job. Just because someone has good social skills and performs well in an interview, doesn’t make them qualified for the job. 

2. Wanting to Someone Less Qualified Than You 

In fear that they will jeopardize their position, managers are often scared to take on someone with better skills or more talented.  However, this person could become a vital asset and improve your company. Look at special certifications or skills that a person brings that are not already being utilized at your company. There is no such thing as overqualified for the job!

3. Not Creating an Accurate Job Description

An excellent job description is more of a list of duties than a long explanation. Make sure you include exactly what skills and requirements are needed to discourage unqualified individuals from applying. This way the person will know exactly what will be expected of them, and won’t be caught off guard by any of the duties they are asked to perform.

4. Waiting for the Perfect Candidate 

Most employers want to find someone that checks every box they are looking for. However, it is nearly impossible and time-consuming to find the perfect candidate for every position. The longer you wait for the candidate you are picturing, the more you are jeopardizing your team. Someone with potential and the ability to learn can end up being a valuable team member.

5. Overthinking References

While references are a vital part of a hiring process and give an insight into whether or not the candidate is a good fit for the job, they are not everything. People going through the interview process tend to choose people who will give them a positive review. Often these people are close friends as well as employers. Just because someone had a good experience at one company doesn’t mean it will be the same for yours.

6. Making the Process Harder for the Candidate 

If you have a high-quality candidate don’t make them wait. If you are consistent and timely with your communication with a potential candidate, they might take another job elsewhere. If there is someone interested in the position, you want to try to impress them as much as they are trying to impress you.

7. Failing to Recruit From Within 

Filling a position internally saves you time. The interview will be less extensive since you already know this person, and you can save time on training since this individual is familiar with the company. This will benefit the individual as well by getting a promotion to show their loyalty to the company has paid off.

8. Not Considering the Freelancers

Sometimes you need work done but not enough to create an entire position. This will be cheaper than hiring on a completely new team member. Utilizing freelancers is a great idea for startups.


Use these 8 tips to help improve your recruitment strategies and build a superstar team! The Network makes recruiting internationally easy, check out our website today for more unique recruitment insight.

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