Group of people sitting around a table on Thanksgiving day toasting with glasses of red wine

Comparison Between Canadian and American Thanksgiving

People from different parts of the world constantly compare Americans to Canadians. From our diets to our work cultures, there certainly exists a variety of ways in which we are similar-yet-different — and the same applies to Thanksgiving. If you are a US resident seeking to enjoy a good holiday dinner, then the second weekend […]
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Professional employer organization animation. Network of icons indicative of human resorces, payroll, benefits, hiring, etc.

What is a PEO?

The role of Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) is to provide comprehensive Human Resource solutions for small and mid-size businesses. Among the many services that PEOs offer to organizations include tax administration, risk and regulatory compliance assistance, HR, benefits, and Payroll. NAPEO reports that small and mid-size businesses that work with PEOs usually grow seven to nine times faster than […]
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